Introducing: the airsoft M-COM station

I’ve been playing Airsoft for about a year now. And I’ve been a gamer for a lot longer than that. I was a big fan of Battlefield 2: Bad Company. One of the game modes from BF2BC is Rush – where one team of players has to destroy a box of electronic gear (the M-COM station), and the other has to defend it.

The gameplay is pretty simple – attacking players have to approach the box and hold down a key. That activates a timer, which detonates the box when it expires. While the timer is going, the box sounds an alarm and flashes a light. If defending players can reach the box before it explodes, they can hold down the key to disarm it. This felt like an pretty good thing to take out of computers and put into an airsoft game!

I thought through some of the gameplay and chatted it over with Viking Airsoft (my regular site) and decided it would need to be a bit different from BF2BC.

The game’s timer is quite short – about 30 seconds. This wouldn’t work at all well in an airsoft game. In order to start the timer, the attacking team would have to hit all the defending players. Those players would then need to walk to their base in order to regenerate their life and come back into the game. That’s a round trip of a few minutes, at least. So, in order for them to have a chance to disarm the M-COM and win the game, the timer needs to be long enough for them to regenerate and get back into the game. 10 minutes is probably about right.

In the game, you hold the button down to arm the box. I decided that for the first version, just pushing the button should be enough. Holding the button down would make it quite hard to arm and disarm the box, as keeping good cover and avoiding being shot is rather harder in real life than in a game. This should make the game more dynamic and avoid situations where it’s so hard to arm or disarm the box that players get frustrated.

With all that in mind, I decided to make a prototype to see how hard the electronics would be. I’ll write that up in my next post.

PS: Since starting the project, I’ve discovered that Gunman Airsoft have beaten me to it — they regularly run (awesome) M-COM games. Their approach is a bit different from mine, but definitely fun. Knowing that the game works has definitely spurred me on!

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