New project: suitcase Airsoft prop

I’ve still a few bits to do on Captain Quack, but in the meantime, I wanted to jot down some notes about the next project. I’m going to make a defusable suitcase prop to use in Airsoft games. I’d like it to be quite flexible: it should suit lots of scenarios, from being the main event in a filmsim to being an objective in a quick skirmish game.

It should look the part. This will be used in skirmish and filmsim, not milsim, so I think there’s some licence to make it look a bit “Hollywood” rather than being realistic (which would be dull). Google image search found some useful inspiration.

Of course, it also needs to play well, so I’ll make a prototype to test the basic idea. This will consist of a small box with connector for pyro, a removable lid which will expose some cabling of various colours, and a countdown display. In the game, the timer will be set to a countdown value appropriate for the scenario. Players will have to defuse the box before the timer reaches zero. When the timer reaches zero, it will detonate the pyro.

Players will defuse the box by cutting the right cable: there will be many to choose from, and their number and purpose can be selected to suit the game. Some may be dummies. Some will defuse the box. Others will immediately detonate the pyro. (Possible future enhancement: wires which add or remove time on the countdown). Wire cutters may be next to the box, or may be issued to (some or all) players.

In the game, players will need to find out which cable they need to cut. Or, if they’re nearly out of time, take a chance! Again, this can vary to suit the scenario. In some games players might just be told which is the right cable. In others, there may be a puzzle they need to figure out. Or they might need to find intelligence, which could be a separate scenario.

As before, this will be an Arduino project and I’ll build something pretty after testing the game on the prototype. Feedback and ideas welcome!