Replacement electronics for the Quacker

The current electronics are not robust enough. In moving the components over to the new housing, things are coming apart, soldered connections are failing, etc. There’s not really enough space in the box so everything’s crammed in and nothing has any strain relief so the cramming-in is causing failures.

There are two options:

  • Replace the current nest of wires with a custom-made shield.
  • Replace the entire thing with a standalone Arduino – one board that includes all the supporting circuitry

Either way, I think I should also move away from the two relays currently used to control the bang and the siren and just use transistors instead – I’m not sure why I didn’t do that the first time.

The schematic I have is not actually right as the indicator light has a voltage doubler to bring it closer to the required 24V. I should make a new one.

No data sheet for the central locking actuator and nothing much came up on googling. Attempted to measure peak curtent with multimeter that has no peak function… the highest value I saw was about 2.5A, so let’s assume 3A@11.1V. This probably requires a MOSFET to switch.

Siren is 350mA@12V according to the datasheet.