Tool bits notes

Carbide tipped

DIN4981 – Grooving/parting
DIN4975 – Pointed straight turning
DIN4977 – Facing
DIN4974 – Internal corner turning
DIN4972 – Right and left hand turning tool



WN 407R (?) – Grooving/parting
DIN4953 – Boring
DIN4955 – Pointed straight turning
DIN4960 – Right and left side turning
DIN4952 – Left and right bent turning


Tricopter notes: part 2

I’ve started the build now, so I thought I’d start a new notes post.

Captain Quack went bang again

I finished those improvements to Captain Quack, but, like an idiot, I forgot to take pictures of the changes. Again. And it blew up. Again. This time, though, I did get a video:

Pleasingly, the damage wasn’t nearly as bad this time. The end panels were completely undamaged, so those bigger vents definitely worked. The front and back panels were damaged but not as badly as before, and the bottom panel and top compartment were completely fine. The pyro did blow a hole through the mesh on the end vent, though. So I guess that mesh is not strong enough:

Mark 9s are serious

I am sure that it’s a good idea to keep working on making the box work well with Mk9 pryo, though. It makes a fantastic bang and is very theatrical. Mk5s are totally weedy by comparison. For version 3, then, I’ll be making some more changes:

  • I’m going to extend the final warning period a bit. 3 seconds isn’t quite long enough for people to get clear
  • I’m going to make the make the switch on top more robust. Although briefed to be gentle, players always belt the shit out of it, and I think the adrenaline makes that unlikely to be avoidable
  • I’m going to make vents on the front and back of the box, the same as are on the ends, and use much more robust mesh
  • I’m going to go over the code and test it very thoroughly to make sure no more gremlins creep in — there was a bug with the button during the game.

Some more photos: