Airsoft upgrades – research post

I’d like to do some work on my AEGs. I’ll be turning my current M4 CQB into a DMR, and either fixing my current very broken MP5 or getting something new – small, light, and good for running about with.

I’ll do the DMR first. I plan to replace the motor, spring and gears and install a mosfet. I’ll also be replacing the hop, but only because the current one is rubbish.

Useful links

Current parts suggestions – DMR

  • Spring: Madbull M140
  • Gears: 30:1 SHS
  • Motor: high torque, Lonex/SHS (I would like a brushless motor, if they exist)
  • Piston:
    • Also, add a slightly bigger than normal O-Ring
  • Fet: Needs research, but have seen one that uses:
    • 80p06p
    • irlb3034
    • 100R
    • 2.2KR


Pictures of the FET

2014-04-13 09.23.30

2014-04-13 09.23.20 2014-04-13 09.23.06 2014-04-13 09.22.56

Current parts/replacement for non-DMR